Wednesday, July 26, 2017

That Weird Twins-Dodgers Inning

While Dick Bremer and Jack Morris continue to be baffled by the long delay during the Twins-Dodgers game, I'll put the most obvious explanation here:

Paul Molitor is trying to make a double switch, moving Adrianza off the bench into the pitcher's spot, 9th in the lineup. He wants to move the incoming pitcher, Pressley, to the 7 hole. The ump asks Molitor where Adrianza is going to be in the lineup. Molitor assumes he means where in the batting order, and says 7. The ump for some reason thinks Molitor is saying what position. If the ump asked "Who is he subbing for" and Molitor said "The 7 spot" it was Molitor's fault. If the ump just misunderstood, it was his fault.

As to Roberts appearing to argue before this miscommunication, he simply went out to find out what the double switch was and JOKINGLY argued with the umps. The Twins broadcast clearly caught Roberts laughing with the umps during the pitching change and saying "I'm joking." The umps then told Roberts that Adrianza was coming in for the 7 position, hitting 9th, while the pitcher was in the 5 hole. After 1 pitch, the scoreboard showed a different lineup, so Roberts again came out and this time was arguing for real. The umps realized it was a misunderstanding and the Twins wanted Rosario to remain in the game, so they called New York for a rules verification. It wasn't nearly as complicated as those morons on TV made it out to be.

And yes, I literally made a Twitter account and tweeted to Dick Bremer that the miscommunication was obviously related to the 7 position and the 7 spot in the lineup after about 20 minutes of hearing them make incredibly insane guesses.

Because the Twins didn't protest, I think Molitor screwed up. Not a big deal, but the delay was frustrating as Dick and Jack were lost as always.


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