Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Thoughts: McMahon, Silver, Balls and Paul George

Just some random sports thoughts to help distract you from that annoying co-worker who keeps telling you it's Hump Day.

  • Vince McMahon and Adam Silver should have a business together. No matter what you think about wrestling or the NBA, both men have proven time and time again that they understand what the fans want. While Roger Goodell clearly is serving the NFL owners' interests at all times, Silver seems to actually worry about what the fans of his sport actually think. Vince McMahon is one of the most innovative minds of his generation, which he'd need to be to make grown men in underwear play-fighting a multi-billion dollar business. The WWE is unbelievably entertaining, and their latest foray into the sports world saw the Ball family appear on Monday Night Raw at Staples Center.
  • LaVar Ball is growing on me. He's still wrong about almost everything, but it's hard not to laugh at and be entertained by the character he's become. He's basically a WWE character living in the real world, which is why his appearance on Raw was so perfect. Lonzo is soft-spoken and by all accounts a great teammate, so LaVar is Paul Heyman to Lonzo's Brock Lesnar. His hype man, so to speak. It's important to remember all we're really watching sports for is to be entertained, and LaVar is definitely entertaining. As long as Stephen A Smith and Sean Hannity remain television fixtures, it's clear nobody cares about getting things right, so LaVar, keep doing what you're doing.
    • There's little chance George would re-sign with the Wolves, so it'd be a one year rental with a small chance of changing his mind if the team performs as well as they'd be projected, which makes it unlikely the Wolves would ever make this kind of offer.
    • The Pacers may prefer future draft picks to actual young players, but if they like Wiggins as much as some around the league it seems unlikely another team would beat this offer with George's contract situation. Wiggins is due to sign a max extension in the near future, but it'd be considerably less than George's next contract and Wiggins would likely have no reservations about signing long-term. Aldrich gets included to leave the Wolves enough cap room to target a shooter and/or a decent power forward.
    • This will not happen in a million years, so it's really a waste of time, but a Rubio-Butler-George trio would be the best trio of wing defenders in the league. Having one of the best defensive minds in the last three decades as their head coach would be unfair to the rest of the league (except those damn Warriors).
    • Giving up Wiggins for one year of George has to seem crazy to some Wolves fans, but I think barring a huge improvement this season from Wiggins paying him a maximum salary contract will be a big mistake. It's worth the risk to try to compete with Golden State, but even more so to try and show Paul George his best chance at winning is being paired with Butler and Karl-Anthony Towns long-term.


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