Thursday, May 11, 2017

MLB Odds and Ends

Just some baseball thoughts for your Thursday:

  • The Minnesota Twins claim of starting pitcher Adam Wilk is the team's newest attempt at justifying leaving Jose Berrios in AAA until the end of June. This would delay his free agency by an entire season, in the middle of his prime. Waiting six weeks to gain an extra year of control is the right long-term strategy, especially since there's no guarantee he's going to pitch well when he does arrive this season. If the new regime can hold off until the magic date late in June, they deserve praise. With the team technically still in contention, each and every game could matter this season, but it's a much more prudent decision to look toward the future. If they change their minds and promote him prior to that date, ideally it would be this weekend. The Wilk claim makes that very unlikely.
  • Potential first round left-hander Seth Romero, who we have going 27th in our most recent 2017 MLB Mock Draftwas dismissed from the University of Houston just a few weeks after returning from a prior suspension. Romero's strikeout numbers are off-the-charts this season, but his inability to stay out of trouble despite getting chance after chance has to be a major red-flag for most teams. He'll still be drafted, but something below the 5th round seems likely now.
  • Bryce Harper is amazing. Not that you needed a reminder, but he's hitting a ridiculous .370/.500/.772 thus far for the Washington Nationals. Watching Scott Boras convince some doofy rich owner that Bryce Harper is worth $1 billion is going to be marvelous.
  • If you enjoyed the NBC sitcom The Office, you'll enjoy this article on The Ringer, I promise.


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