Tuesday, May 30, 2017

2017 MLB Draft Links

With the 2017 MLB Draft officially less than two weeks away, let's take a look at some draft notes around the internet:

  • The Minnesota Twins will reportedly workout Hunter Greene on June 9, three days before the draft. That leaves open the possibility of the team drafting him at number one, so let's hope he can impress during his workout and keep Kyle Wright elsewhere.
  • Louisville two-way star Brendan McKay would be my ideal choice for the Twins at #1, and this story by Mike White of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette does nothing to change my opinion. How cool would it be to have a power hitting first baseman coming in to close the game?
  • Minnesota prep right-hander Sam Carlson, who plays for Burnsville, is projected to be drafted #26 overall by MLB.com's Jim Callis, and #30 overall by Baseball America. He likely will need to be paid an above slot deal to sign, however. The Twins may be targeting him if he falls due to signing issues, and there's no doubt they've scouted him more than anyone.


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