Friday, April 28, 2017

NFL Draft Day 2 Thoughts

With the first night and first round of the NFL draft behind us, here are some quick thoughts:

  • The Cleveland Browns are building a championship caliber team. They are getting a lot of criticism for passing on quarterbacks two years in a row, but look at the Indianapolis Colts. They solved their quarterback problem first, drafting Andrew Luck, but the rest of that roster is bad and nobody is confusing that team for a title contender. The Browns are building up a great core of young players, and yet again they have two first round draft picks next season. They also could simply sign Kirk Cousins next off-season. I really like what they've done over the past two years.
  • Hopefully the Green Bay Packers trade back from #33 and do not take Florida State running back Dalvin Cook. He's an almost perfect fit for their offense, so as a Vikings fan that's the last player I want to see go to Green Bay.
  • For the Vikings, offensive lineman Forrest Lamp might be an ideal target to trade up for. He's ready to step in and be a day one starter at guard, and he should develop into a dominating blocker for years to come.  If they don't trade up, hopefully they take the best player available at #48 rather than drafting specifically for need. A running back like Cook or Alvin Kamara if they're around would be a nice addition for sure.
  • We say it every year, but mock drafts are silly. They're fun to read, and we enjoy creating one, but they are always way off. Jonathan Allen was considered a top 5 pick by basically everyone, and he fell to 17. Reuben Foster was projected in the top 5 also by some, and he fell to 31. The Bears took a quarterback, and the Browns didn't.
  • Enjoy rounds 2 and 3 this evening, here's to hoping your favorite team finds a future Pro Bowl caliber player tonight!



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