Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Hall of Fame is Losing it's Luster

Prior to Super Bowl Sunday, the NFL announced it's 7-person Hall of Fame class during their NFL honors event. Each member was deserving, and it's a great honor for those that are fortunate enough to have their name called.

Unfortunately, the omission of Terrell Owens for a second consecutive season is an absolute disgrace. The writers who vote on Hall of Fame candidates clearly have a vendetta against Owens. Whether that's because the writers feel he was a major distraction for his teammates (which is silly) or more likely because they don't like the way Owens treated them, it's an absolute disgrace he didn't get in.

Owens is easily one of the five greatest wide receivers of all-time, and realistically an argument could be made that he's the second greatest receiver ever. (Nobody is ever passing Jerry Rice*, sorry) Personally I think Randy Moss is number two, but wouldn't argue with someone who wants to put Owens there. He had a sensational career and while he had his share of run ins and media mishaps, some of his antics were also horribly overblown by a largely old, white media that always felt they had to police the fun, energetic, young black athletes.

*Randy Moss is my favorite athlete of all-time, but he had 56 catches in 2 seasons after his 33rd birthday. Rice had 729! Moss at his best may have been the greatest receiver ever, but Rice's career and his longevity are so ridiculous it's almost impossible that anyone will ever pass him in my mind. Even with the league becoming almost all passing, I still would be surprised if anyone passes Rice's reception record. He's the GOAT, and it's not close. 

As a fan, I don't care about the Hall of Fame anymore, in any sport. But that doesn't mean that these writers should just be given a pass for their biased, unfair opinions of players and their careers. Barry Bonds is the greatest baseball player of all-time in my opinion, and he's not in the baseball Hall of Fame, and may never get in. Taking steroids is NOT something that the writers are supposed to police in Hall of Fame voting, but they do anyway. A Hall of Fame that has Bud Selig in it and Barry Bonds on the outside looking in is very clearly immensely flawed.

Hopefully the leagues will either take the voting out of the hands of sports writers, or the younger generation of writers won't vote so angrily and so personally over the next few decades. These sports writers have singlehandedly made the Hall of Fames in the sports they cover a joke. It's time to honor the great players for their accomplishments ON THE FIELD, since that's what the Hall of Fame is about. I'm aware baseball has a "character clause" but that's just insane and needs to be removed. Rewarding people that are only good people is so frustrating to me, but that's an argument for another time.

Just fix your mistakes, voters, and make sure TO and Bonds are voted in next year in their sports. Please. They deserve the recognition and honor, because they had remarkable careers that are important to remember for the history of the game.


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