Friday, February 24, 2017

Draymond Green Roasts Paul Pierce

Last night at the very beginning of the Los Angeles Clippers-Golden State Warriors game, Draymond Green roasted Paul Pierce in the most hilarious way possible, telling Pierce he was "Chasing that farewell tour" and "You thought you was Kobe."

Let's be clear: Paul Pierce has had a spectacular career. Nobody would argue that. But nothing Draymond Green said wasn't true. Paul Pierce should have retired this past off-season, plain and simple. He's a terrible NBA player at this point, and he barely gets to play for the Clippers. In his last game in Boston, the Celtics players treated him like a high school team's autistic manager; they all were incredibly happy when he got in at the end, and then the opposing players just let him shoot a feel good, wide open 3. Paul Pierce is awful.

And, because of the weird NBA CBA, Pierce could have retired and kept his salary for this season. Kevin Garnett is receiving his 2017 salary from the Timberwolves despite his retirement, for example. So Green is 100% correct that Pierce wants a farewell tour. Players like Kobe Bryant deserve farewell tours. Paul Pierce playing on his third team in six seasons should not be getting a farewell tour. Plain and simple.

While Green was roasting him, Pierce just sat at the end of the bench and took it. My favorite part was when Chris Webber, who was announcing the game, said "If Paul Pierce gets in the game, he's going to try to take it to Draymond Green." Webber was serious.

A) Pierce ain't getting in the game.
B) This old ass version of Pierce is not going to score on Green barring a lucky contested jump shot going in

However, after the game, Pierce did the ultimate bitch move: he TWEETED a come back. Are you kidding me? A grown ass man has nothing to say during the game and then the second he gets home he jumps on Twitter. If that's not the epitome of the "Hold me back" NBA generation I don't know what is... and of course his tweet wasn't funny or creative. His "come back" was not "vicious." It was horseshit and unfunny.
73 wins and u thought u was gonna win a title that yr 😂😂😂3-1 lead oops
Thankfully, people quickly responded that Pierce's Celtics blew a 3-2 lead to the Lakers which isn't really much better.

At this point in time Green is a far better player and a million times better trash talker than Paul Pierce, and I appreciate the trash talk. It makes the game that much more fun to watch. This is entertainment, first and foremost, and we shouldn't forget that.


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