Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Derrick Rose Makes No Sense for the Timberwolves

Reports emerged on Monday evening that the Minnesota Timberwolves had been in contact with the New York Knicks about acquiring point guard Derrick Rose.

Rose is a former league MVP and #1 overall pick, so any time his name is mentioned it's note-worthy. Unfortunately, Rose hasn't been a good player since the 2011-2012 season, which was five years ago. Knee injuries have robbed Rose of the explosiveness that made him such a great player.

Because of that, the reported Timberwolves interest makes no sense outside of Rose's relationship with Wolves head coach and president Tom Thibodeau. Brian Windhorst of ESPN said on SportsCenter that the Wolves wanted to "get out of Ricky Rubio's contract" and acquiring Rose's expiring contract in a Rubio swap would allow them to do that. That's incredibly hard to believe. Rubio's contract is a bargain by any measure, and even someone like Thibodeau, who has been shopping Rubio for months, has to realize that.

The simple fact is that at this point in time Ricky Rubio is a far better all-around player than Derrick Rose. And if the Wolves don't include Rubio, which they never should, they would have way too many point guards. To be perfectly honest I'd rather have Tyus Jones play over Derrick Rose. Rose is an upgrade over Kris Dunn at this point, but even that's debatable and it makes no sense to risk Dunn's development for a small, expensive upgrade.

My opinion is the Wolves told the Knicks if they trade Ricky Rubio elsewhere, perhaps in a deal for Iman Shumpert, they would potentially be interested in Rose at a very small price. With the Knicks not getting the kinds of offers they expected for Rose, it would seem they are trying to gain leverage by mentioning Rose's old coach as a potential suitor.

I would be shocked if the Wolves acquire Derrick Rose in any kind of trade. That's a good thing, as Rose would not help this team win more games down the stretch, in any role.


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