Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Odds and Ends

Lots of quick thoughts that I've been unable to cram into any articles lately.

  • Complaining about the length of challenges/reviewing plays is becoming more common in all sports, and I hate it. Are we so impatient as a nation that we can't wait for a call to be reviewed correctly? The latest complaints are about baseball's reviews taking just under 2 minutes on average. It's taking longer than previous years!! Even a 5 minute review, which happened at Wrigley recently and Stark is complaining about, is still nothing in the grand scheme of things. Patience is a virtue, people. Baseball games are 3 hours. NFL football games are 3 hours. The last two minutes of an NBA basketball game is close to 3 hours. If you can't wait two god damn minutes for a review, you're the problem. The system is fine. 
  • Todd McShay's way-too-early 2017 NFL Mock Draft (subscription req) for ESPN had Gophers designated thrower into the ground (or quarterback, as other teams call it) Mitch Leidner going in the first round. That's not a typo. Anyone who has watched the Gophers and Leidner knows how insane that is. I laughed for five minutes straight. In McShay's defense, he hates doing mock drafts, he's admitted they're useless, and for this one, he admitted he hasn't watched any tape yet. Leidner is big and has good speed for a QB, but he's got terrible throwing mechanics and his accuracy is terrible. I don't even think he'll end up being drafted, and once McShay studies his film he'll almost certainly agree.
  • Richard Pitino spent $175,000 more than he was supposed to on the recruiting trail over the last 3 years. I can't even imagine how bad the team would have been the last few years without that extra money. Coaches go over their travel and recruiting budgets all the time, but Pitino hasn't been very successful and the article paints Pitino as a bit of a spoiled douche. You can see that when he whines on the sidelines though, so I'm not surprised at all.
  • Scott Boras is the greatest agent of all-time. In my next life as a baseball superstar, I'm hiring him. There's no link to share or specific reason I mention this; it's just worth mentioning. He's helped players more than just about anyone.
  • I am convinced the mute button was invented to allow Twins fans to watch baseball games in peace. Dick Bremer seems like a nice guy, but for someone who has watched upwards of 150 games of baseball a year for a long, long time, he doesn't seem to know a whole lot. Jack Morris might be the worst announcer of all-time. Roy Smalley is okay, and Bert Blyleven is funny at times if nothing else. But it'd be nice to have an announcing duo that related more to the knowledgeable, dedicated fans than the average viewer on any given night.
  • Tom Thibodeau is going to be a great coach for the Wolves. Hopefully he's more Stan Van Gundy than Doc Rivers, though, when it comes to player personnel control. Loul Deng is a big fan of Thibs and a free agent, and he would fit the Wolves current roster very well. I expect him to be their top (realistic) target.


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