Saturday, March 12, 2016

Chicago Ave Petitions For New Sports Team

Just days after the Minnesota Vikings ridiculous proposal to the city of Minneapolis in which they asked the city that already gave them more than $500M to change the name of a street, that street has now responded.

Below you will find the petition Chicago Avenue has filed with the city of Minneapolis, asking the city of Minneapolis to find a new team to play on their avenue.

To: Minneapolis City Planning Commission
CC: Minnesota Vikings

To whom it may concern,

It has recently come to our attention that your professional football team, the Minnesota Vikings, are petitioning for us to change our name. We understand it's only a three block area, but that's a part of us. We feel if you take this 3 block stretch away from us, we'll be empty inside, just like the beautiful trophy case you have at the new stadium.

We would like to petition the city of Minneapolis to consider relocating the Minnesota Vikings organization, along with all zero championships, to Chicago, and instead taking the Chicago Bears, along with their 9 (sort of) championships, and allowing them to play on the 3 block stretch you so lovingly call Chicago Avenue. We would retain Randy Moss.


Chicago Avenue


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