Friday, August 14, 2015

How Does Adrian Peterson Stack Up Against Other Running Backs?

Last season, millions of people were counting on Adrian Peterson to be a stand out in fantasy football. He is known as one of the most talented running backs in the game, and may predicted him to be one of the three top point producers. Unfortunately, things really didn't turn out as planned last year. He played in just one game before being suspended for the rest of the year thanks to child abuse allegations. Now that his punishment has been lifted, Peterson is going to be looking to have a pretty big season for the Minnesota Vikings. As people get ready for fantasy football league 2015, are they going to be ready to invest in him once again?

Peterson is going to be a focal point for the offense, Even if the Minnesota Vikings plan on utilizing second year quarterback Teddy Bridgewater quite a bit. They were actually able to have success with the the Bridgewater in the second half of the regular season, so bringing back one of the best 
running backs in the game is going to be very beneficial for him.

There seems to be mixed thoughts with Peterson right now when it comes to what to expect out of him in 2015. Some people feel like he is going to be rejuvenated in a way because he had so much time to let his body recover due to the suspension. It can be very beneficial for anybody to take some time off from getting hit every single week. At the same time, he might get off to a slow start in 2015 simply because he is a little bit rusty.

At the very least, Peterson should still be in the top five as far as running backs are concerned in fantasy football leagues 2015. He is a very talented player, and he is only going to get better as the season goes along. He is a bit older than other top running backs like Eddie Lacy and Le’Veon Bell, but the Vikings know how to use their best player on offense. 

Expect a big year out of him as he tries to repair his image.


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