Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fantasy Football Preview: First Round Rookie Receivers

Today's post is written by Fan Duel is a great fantasy sports website with both free and paid games available, making it the perfect site for your fantasy football needs. They were kind enough to take a look at the fantasy impact of the receivers that were taken in the first round of April's draft. That includes Vikings first rounder Cordarelle Patterson. Without further ado, here's's post:

The 2013 NFL Draft lacked a lot of elite talent at skill positions, but there were a few who figure to play major roles for their respective teams. A total of three wide receivers went in the first round, but it seems as though early on, Tavon Austin is the only one receiving a lot of attention. Here is a look at how all three will do from a fantasy perspective in 2013.

Tavon Austin

The #8 overall pick, Austin figures to make an impact right away as he will team up with Sam Bradford on the turf in St. Louis. At West Virginia, Austin was nearly unstoppable in the Big XII. His elusiveness should really thrive on turf, although his small stature does scare some people due to the risk of injury.

Overall, Austin should get at least a few touches a game. Somewhere between 800-1000 yards is reasonable, with maybe a handful of touchdowns. He has big play capability, so he is always a threat to go off in fantasy football. This should put him towards the bottom of the top 30 wide receivers available.

DeAndre Hopkins

For the last few seasons, the Houston Texans have been unable to find a true #2 receiver to work opposite of Andre Johnson. Hopkins is young, but he could very easily fill that role right away. Unfortunately for him, the Texans do love to run the ball, so he might not get as many touches as a normal #2 receiver.

He is known for having great hands and enough toughness to go over the middle in the NFL, so expect him to get some targets from Matt Schaub. Truth be told, he should have over 500 yards receiving this season, but do not expect much over that. This puts him in the 45-50 range for wide receivers overall as far as drafting him.

Cordarrelle Patterson

Coming into the draft, Patterson was considered a project. That hasn’t really changed, despite the Minnesota Vikings needing some help at wide receiver. Greg Jennings is a solid #1 for them, but it is a toss up after that. While Patterson has all the tools to be great, he needs to run routes better and be more disciplined overall. He’s simply too risky to draft at this point, but watch him on the waiver wire. 


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