Friday, December 7, 2012

A Social Media Rant

Social media has exploded in the last decade, there's no arguing that. It's boomed because we live in a very narcissistic society; as time goes on, we forget that we specifically aren't the center of the universe. Everybody wants to talk about themselves; Twitter and Facebook is everyone's version of their own reality TV show.

First, I'll cover some Twitter issues. If you're one of those people who's constantly asking celebrities to retweet you, or follow you, do the world a favor and delete your Twitter. Ignoring the fact that a celebrity following you on Twitter will not change your life in any meaningful way, it's even more annoying to simply ask for a retweet. "Hey, I'm your biggest fan, RT?" or things along those lines are more common than "follow me!" in my opinion. Again, I will ask: What good does your favorite celebrity retweeting a completely worthless tweet ASKING TO BE RETWEETED do anyone? Is your life truly sad enough that knowing a celebrity simply saw your tweet and clicked a button is enough to make your day? It shouldn't be. Now, if you get excited because you had a funny tweet or a useful tweet that went viral, and a celebrity happened to help with that, it's different. But there's something incredibly sad about one human being begging another human being to click a button on their computer for them.

We live in a culture that is very celebrity based. If people aren't obsessing over the latest celebrity gossip (William and Kate are having a baby... whoop-de-fucking-do.) they're obsessing over ways they can become famous. And then there's the group of people who aren't trying to become famous, but that's because they just act like they already are. Posting 500 pictures of their pets, their dinners, or themselves, just to see how many people will "like" or "favorite" them and they can get a small but necessary ego boost.

Sadly, Facebook's even worse. There is really no real benefit to it. One may argue that it allows us to keep in touch with our friends in a much more convenient way than in the past, but the problem is that it's not hard to stay in touch with people you actually want to stay in touch with. Everyone owns a cell phone, and almost everyone has text messaging. Facebook allows us to know what's going on with our friends without having to ask them, and while that may seem convenient, it's unfortunate. There's something warm about being asked how your day was, how everything's going; to know that someone else might actually care what's going on in your life.

Facebook also brings out the sketchyness in a lot of people. Oh, that girl's single now? 28 likes in under an hour... which means 28 people are liking the fact that this girl's heart is probably broken, and the likes are for their own gain. Guys like it because they find her attractive, girls like it because they either 1) didn't like her boyfriend 2) think they have to pick sides. There's no reason to like it. Not one.

At least Facebook has created a whole new generation of models and photographers. Creepy 40-year-old men everywhere are buying cameras and telling girls they're photographers, these girls get half naked and pose, the creepy men post the pictures on Facebook with some bullshit photography company name (Creepy-40-year-old man's name photography, for example) and now a 20 or 21 year old girl has a plethora of half naked pictures on a PUBLIC WEBSITE because she thinks this creep is going to help her get started in the business and build her portfolio.

Now, I use both Facebook and Twitter, so obviously they have some benefits. Facebook is fairly worthless, but people post events and lost cell phones and phone number changes there so it made no sense not to have one. Twitter is much more useful, as mentioned above, but people are also much much more annoying, as some people will tweet, literally, 100 times a day. You don't need to tweet 5 different songs you're listening to over a 20 minute time period. The solution to these obnoxious social media "friends" we all have is generally to unfollow them, or unsubscribe, and for the most part, that's what I do. But just because I can ignore the idiots doesn't mean they don't exist. So please, if you love social media, at least act like you're thinking about other people once in a while.


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