Friday, May 25, 2012

Weekly Links

Lots of links this week, so let's just get right to it...
  • Somebody actually did a study on this. In related news, the sky is blue, dogs are great pets and pizza is good. I could've told you those results in 30 seconds without any studying necessary. 
  • Congrats to Kevin Love for being named to the all-NBA second team.
  • Whoever is behind the Social Media for the LA Kings is a genius. 
  • Joe Posnanski debunked the myth that the last three outs of the game are the "three toughest outs" in baseball.
  • Rich Thompson, I'm rooting for ya.
  • Owned.
  • Wanetta Gibson, I hope you enjoy Hell.
  • I'd like to thank The Sports Blitz for syndicating my blog and getting my writing out to even more viewers. Check them out, they have a lot of interesting blog posts daily.
  • Ted Kacyznski, still crazy.
  • Perfect, I was hoping to workout and charge my phone at the same time.
  • The UNC baseball team has an interesting modification to bat-"boy".
  • The Wild signed their 9th overall pick from the 2010 draft, Mikael Granlund, about a week before they would have lost his rights. With a ton of young talent and the possibility of New Jersey Devils star Zach Parise coming home to Minnesota this off-season, the future looks bright for the Wild.
  • The Orlando Magic fired Stan Van Gundy and Otis Smith, despite having a .653 winning percentage together, so naturally they're targeting Shaquille O'Neal as their GM. That franchise is an embarrassment, and that comes from a Minnesota sports fan.
  • However, Shaq thankfully declined the chance to interview, saving the Magic a ton of criticism and punchlines.
  • Despite being required to read The Great Gatsby by three different teachers in high school, I never actually read it until last year. I'm reading it again, because Leonardo DiCaprio headlines a star-studded cast for the movie, and the trailer looks fantastic, although I pictured both Jordan Baker and Daisy Buchanan considerably better looking than the actresses playing them.
  • This is my favorite piece of artwork so far this year.
  • And finally, check out my posts from this week:
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