Thursday, May 24, 2012

Twins Notes: DeVries, Mauer, etc.

- After thankfully designating Jason Marquis for assignment, the Twins decided to promote formerly undrafted Cole DeVries from AAA. DeVries attended the University of Minnesota and Eden Prairie High School before that, so he's a local kid. As Aaron Gleeman noted, DeVries is unlikely to have any kind of sustained success in the big leagues, but just getting to the show is a huge accomplishment and I would imagine today will be the most exciting day of his life.

- Speaking of Marquis, he allowed 32 runs in 34 innings while in the Twins rotation. Clayton Kershaw, Brandon Beachy and Johnny Cueto have allowed 38 runs COMBINED in 182 innings pitched. Marquis should give his agent half of his $3MM salary, because he fleeced the Twins.

- Joe Mauer grounded into his 9th double play last night, and he's currently on pace to hit into 37 for the season. The record is 36, by Jim Rice, and despite Mauer's pace I highly doubt he comes close to it. The injury concerns could keep his at bats down, but even if he plays a full season I'd be surprised if that number was any higher than 30. Still ridiculously high, but grounding into double plays should be one of the least concerning issues with Mauer at this point, especially since his .810 OPS is a huge improvement from last season.

- At 15-28, the Twins are no longer the league's worst team, thanks to a 9-game losing streak by the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs are 15-29, so it's not like the Twins are a lot better, and the battle for the number 1 pick will likely include these two teams, among others, for the remainder of the season.

- 38-year-old Jamey Carroll, who the Twins foolishly gave a two-year contract to, is hitting just .229/.319/.268 through 42 games. In fairness, the guy I wanted the Twins to target, Ramon Santiago, is hitting an even worse .188/.264/.250, so I can't criticize the Twins too much. We'll see where Carroll's numbers end up at the end of the year.

- Drew Butera currently leads all Twins pitchers in ERA, and he's second on the team with a .909 OPS. Of course, he's pitched just 1 inning and he's gotten only 25 at bats, so don't expect the reincarnation of Babe Ruth anytime soon.

- With the Rule 4 draft coming up on June 4 (better known as the amateur draft) and the Twins selecting 2nd overall, the team appears set to choose between Mark Appel, the hard-throwing right-hander from Stanford, or Byron Buxton, the toolsy outfielder who's drawn comparisons to Justin Upton. There's been some talk that the Twins would pass on Buxton if the Astros select Appel first overall, but considering the team has taken toolsy high-school outfielders in the first round basically every year since I was born (that's a slight exaggeration) Buxton seems to fit the Twins mold perfectly. We'll find out soon enough.



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