Thursday, October 6, 2011

Trivia Rules and Giveaway

- There will be two different questions posted. However, each question results in the same prize, so if you know the answer to both please only answer one of the questions. It makes no sense to send the same person two of the same DVDs.
- The first correct answer to each question is the winner. You must post the answer in the comments, and leave an e-mail address so I can contact you.
- Each winner will receive a free Baseball's Greatest Games 1991 Game 7 World Series DVD.
- Both are compliments of A&E Home Entertainment
- If you aren't comfortable giving me an address to mail the prize to, don't participate

Again, A big thanks to Suzanne Dobson over at A&E Home Entertainment for helping put this together. The DVD is great.

Make sure you guys check out as well, there's tickets, merchandise and other items available daily.

Now, for the questions:

Question 1: Who is the only Twins pitcher to ever win the "Pitching Triple Crown" (Leading League in Wins, Strikeouts and ERA)?

Question 2: Which former Twin holds the record for most sacrifices in a single game in team history?

One is easy, one should be more difficult. Best of luck.


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