Friday, August 12, 2011

This Week in Sports

I'm going to try a new feature that will run every Friday from now until, well, we'll see, called "This Week in Sports." It's just a recap of some interesting things that happened in the sports world during the previous week. Here's the first one of hopefully many to come.

Real Madrid, the soccer powerhouse in Spain, signed a 7-year-old. Seriously.

My thoughts: Insane. Absolutely, 100% insane. I don't care how good this kid looks as a 7-year-old, no professional team should ever go after a kid that young. It's also ridiculous that this kid's parents are clearly more worried about their son making them money than, you know, actually being parents. As cool as it is when we have young phenoms in sports, there has to be a line drawn somewhere, and it should be at a lot older age than 7, that's for damn sure.

Adam Scott won the Bridgestone Invitational this past weekend, with recently fired and former Tiger Woods caddie Steve Williams on his bag. Scott's win was impressive, but it was the comments Williams made after Scott had won that made the news.

My thoughts: Steve Williams, you made $9MM off of Tiger Woods during your career. You lucked into caddying the greatest golfer who ever lived. Now, Woods appears to be a shell of his former self, while Adam Scott is up and coming. Williams is probably going to make more money with Scott than he would have with Woods over the next few years, so he just needs to shut up already. It'd be like getting dumped by the high school homecoming queen, except three years after high school and about 50 pounds heavier, finding a better looking, easier to get along with girlfriend, and still being bitter towards your fat ex girlfriend because she USED TO BE SOMETHING. Steve Williams, shut the hell up.

84-year-old Penn State Head Coach Joe Paterno suffered a hairline fracture in his Pelvis this week when a Nittany Lion receiver ran into Paterno during practice and knocked him to the ground.

My thoughts: Paterno is a fossil, but the guy has shown over the last few years he still has the ability to win football games. As he continues to get older the risks involved with being on a football field grow, but if he wants to coach at Penn State until the day he dies, I think he deserves that much after what he's done for that program over the years. Hopefully he has a healthy and speedy recovery.

NBCSports blogger Aaron Gleeman wrote an article about Michael Young, and how getting 2,000 hits isn't exactly an exclusive club. Brandon McCarthy then decided to call out Gleeman for his article. Rob Neyer then jumped to Gleeman's defense, which I thought was great.

My thoughts: The small blurb was factually correct, and didn't come off as ripping Michael Young, but rather the people in the media and whatnot who were making 2,000 hits seem like a big deal. Brandon McCarthy seems to be fairly intelligent, his twitter feed is decently entertaining, but he's dead wrong here. Gleeman is simply doing his job. McCarthy didn't back down despite being off-base, and not that he cares, but I decided to unfollow him on Twitter because of the whole mess.

Tiger Woods began the PGA Championship yesterday by shooting a 77. He's 7 over and in danger of missing the cut.

My thoughts: He's done. And I don't think it's because of all the stuff that came out about his personal life as much as it's that he's had several major knee surgeries and he's 35 years old. He might manage to win one or two more majors over his career, since he has a lot of time still, but his game looks terrible and I really don't think he'll ever be a top-10 player in the world again. We'll see.



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