Friday, August 26, 2011

Checking In

Sorry for the lack of updates of late, I'm starting my 397th semester of college this week and things have been somewhat hectic. Should be back to a more normal schedule next week. For now, as the Twins continue to fall apart, read this piece by Joe Posnanski about pressure and the MVP. My favorite part:

A losing clubhouse? Exactly the opposite. The downward pressure is enormous and overwhelming -- after all, who cares? The town has moved on. A Hawaiian vacation awaits. Teammates are fighting to keep their jobs or fighting to impress someone on another team or just plain fighting. The manager might be worried about his job. The reporters are few, and they're negative. Smaller crowds make it easier to hear the drunken critics. Support is much harder to come by, and there is constant, intense force demanding that you just stop trying so hard. After all: Why take that extra BP? You've got the swing down. Why study a few extra minutes of film? You've faced that hitter before. Why take that extra base? Why challenge him on that 3-1 pitch? Why? You're down 9-3 anyway.

It's not a perfect example of the Twins current situation, but it's close. The negative reporters comment is spot on, though.


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