Monday, July 25, 2011

Twins Notes: Sano, Hicks, Revere

- Miguel Sano, the dominican infield prospect the Twins signed last season for over $3MM, continues to mash the ball in the Appalachian League for Elizabethton. He's hitting .283/.338/.583 so far this year in 32 games after hitting .291/.338/.466 last season. The average slash line in the Appalachian League this year is .260/.334/.405, which puts Sano's production about 20% above average, regardless of position.

That's even more impressive considering Sano is just 18 years old and the average age in the Appalachian League is 20.5. Sano has played 21 games at third base and 11 games at shortstop, although almost everyone agrees he won't be a shortstop at the next level. He's made 18 errors already this season, so it seems likely he'll end up in a corner outfield spot. The best case scenario would likely be Sano improving enough to play third base, but if he continues to hit as well as he is his position won't matter too much. Regardless, early on in his young professional career, Sano looks like the real deal, and well worth the investment.

- Aaron Hicks, the Twins top prospect, is hitting .259/.365/.394 in the Florida State League for Beloit. His production this season has been above average, considering the league as a whole is hitting just .262/.332/.384, and Hicks is just 21 years old in a league in which the average age is almost 23 years old.

Hicks appears to be having somewhat of a down year, but a terrible start has his overall line down somewhat. He's been hitting much better since the middle of May, and as a potential five-tool superstar down the road, it's good to see his struggles were limited to a month and a half early season slump rather than a sign of things to come.

- Ben Revere has received a lot of praise for his play since being called up from AAA earlier this season, and while I like watching him play and think he has a solid future as a fourth outfielder, the fact is Revere is severely overmatched at this level right now from an offensive standpoint, and despite winning the American League Rookie of the Month Award in June Revere is hitting just .249/.287/.284. That would be terrible on any team, and the only reason Revere hasn't been the team's worst offensive player this season is because Drew Butera apparently is going to the plate without a bat, as that's the only way to explain his putrid .177/.208/.272 line.

Revere's speed and defense should be assets down the road, but if he can't get on base his speed will be almost useless and his defensive ceiling is limited by an extremely weak arm. He also has a tendency to take poor routes to the ball, although in most cases his speed can make up for the mistake. Revere has a future on this team, but here's to hoping it's in Jason Repko's role and not as a starter, because that would be a major mistake.

- Sometime this week I will be holding a contest on here that will involve some sort of trivia question. The first person to correctly answer the question will win a 1991 Twins 20th Anniversary World Series DVD Set along with a 1991 season recap DVD. Links to the DVD's will be posted when the contest goes live; as will the rules. Keep checking back.


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