Wednesday, May 11, 2011


- I actually might have taken a language in college if this happened to me.

- Some interesting facts about the best player to ever play the game.

- Proof that drugs aren't always bad.

- I loved the Gruden QB Camp that ESPN ran again this year with many of the NFL draft prospects, and this is even better:

- Maybe Barry Bonds isn't all bad, after all.

- Anyone texting you all the time who you don't want to talk to? Try this.

- Drew Butera is hitting worse than NL Pitchers.

- Maybe it's time to worry about Francisco Liriano. Or not.

- ESPN's Outside the Lines did a great job reporting on the gambling that goes on in youth football leagues in Florida. Absolutely ridiculous.

- This kid has more game than anyone I know:

The best part is his reaction to the kiss. Years ahead of his time.

- And finally, the more I read about Christian Ponder, the more I like him.



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