Tuesday, November 9, 2010


- To the surprise of zero Twins fans, Bud Selig is kind of a dope.

- The mute button on my remote is no longer needed while watching Sunday Night Baseball.

- Finally, a dating site for Tim Tebow and Aaron Rodgers.

- And some advice for those two when that special time arrives.

- When Zygi Wilf finally does fire Brad Childress, hopefully he'll at least consider one of these former greats.

- The Twins seemed to prove they're willing to spend money again this off-season, bidding on Japanese starter Hisashi Iwakuma but ultimately coming up short.

- Former Tigers manager George 'Sparky' Anderson died this past week at 76.

- Aidan is a 5-year-old with Leukemia. If you'd like to support the family, Aidan draws pictures and they are for sale here.

- Science really is amazing, even if I don't understand it at all.

- I'd like to spend my summer visiting several of these places, if anyone wants to fund the trip let me know.

- I want to write stories like this and get paid for it, too.

- Boom Shockalocka, coming November 17 to the only two systems guys actually play.

- I'm not sure if I should laugh at the creativity or cry at the lack of security.

- And finally, Uhh, what?


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