Sunday, September 12, 2010

NFL Picks, Week 1

No analysis this week, but here's my picks just to get them up somewhere before the games start.

I would have had the Vikes to cover +5.5, obviously, and despite the loss they still managed to cover.

Giants -6.5 over Panthers
Bills +3 over Dolphins
Steelers +1.5 over Falcons
Bears -6.5 over Lions
Patriots -5 over Bengals
Bucs -3 over Browns
Broncos +3 over Jaguars
Texans +2 over Colts
Raiders +6.5 over Titans
Eagles +3 over Packers
Seahawks +3 over 49ers
Rams +3.5 over Arizona
Dallas -3 over Washington
Jets -2 over Ravens
Chargers -5 over Chiefs