Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Brett Favre Madness

Brett Favre is retiring. The Vikings season is over. That seems to be the general consensus among fans that have spent all morning watching ESPN. I haven't even turned a TV on today, and I've simply read the few blurbs about the Favre situation that Pro Football Talk has posted. I learned in 2008 that watching ESPN for Favre coverage is foolish, because their talking heads always seem to talk in absolutes. Anyone that has followed Favre-watch over the last three years knows that Brett Favre can't ever seem to make up his mind.

My opinion? Favre will play. This seems like nothing more than Favre seeking attention, wanting some teammates to text him and encourage him to play because they need him to win the Super Bowl. Jay Glazer of FOX has already reported that the Vikings are willing to offer Lord Favre more money this season and more time to make up his mind. If I had to guess, I'd say Favre returns on August 25th. Days before the third preseason game, allowing him a few snaps in one of the last two preseason games before the opener in New Orleans. He'll get an extra couple million dollars, and regardless of how much money he already has, two or three million dollars is still a lot of money.

I've felt all morning that this story just didn't add up. This is the most attention craving athlete in the NFL, yet somehow I'm supposed to believe he's going to let an ESPN report, without any named sources, tell the world he's retiring? When Favre decides to retire, he's going to have a press conference so he can be the center of attention one last time. He hasn't said a word about this report all day, which seems odd. To me, it looks like Favre privately told a few Vikings front office people he wasn't going to play, as an attempt to get a few extra million dollars. He also wants a built in excuse if he struggles this year. Last year it was his bicep, now it's his ankle. It's even stranger that Childress says Favre has not told him what he's planning on doing.

Look, it's clear SOMETHING is happening with Favre today. I do believe he told some Vikings people that he's retiring, his ankle hurts, and he can't go through a full season. The fact that Zygi, Childress and the rest of the powerful execs met ON THE FIELD in Mankato today seems to be a sign that Favre or Bus Cook have told someone he's retiring. He won't. The Vikings need Brett Favre to be legitimate Super Bowl contenders. I have a soft spot for TJack, and he's been unfairly criticized by Vikings fans for years, but he's not an elite QB. Could he become one? I doubt it. He's 27 years old. However, if Favre does indeed retire, this Vikings team should still be a playoff team. Just not a Lose-In-The-NFC-Championship-Team again.

Vikings fans, do yourselves a favor. Turn off ESPN and enjoy your day. Favre will be the starting QB for this team in New Orleans on Sept. 9. I feel confident saying that because there's simply no way Favre would be content sitting on his couch on that Thursday, when every football fan in the country is watching Saints-Vikings. He will want to be the center of attention, and as we've seen over the last three years, he'll always be the center of attention. Favre's coming back... I couldn't be more confident.


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