Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sponsored Post: Review of the Week

Trying to maintain more of a set schedule to grow this blog, I've decided every Tuesday I'll review a product I've used and enjoyed, and give you guys a link to the item on Amazon. If you'd rather not read about a random product for that week, I'll make sure the sponsored post is ALWAYS on Tuesday's so those of you that don't want to see it or read about it can simply skip over it.

For the first product, I thought I'd recommend a very nice Christmas present for your little baseball or softball player. First, though, a little background. I spent fifteen years playing competitive baseball, traveling around the country with different teams playing in tournaments that I will never forget. Unfortunately, I never was able to grow past 5'8, and after receiving unofficial letters from North Carolina and Notre Dame as a Sophomore, I was forced to choose from several D-3 schools by my senior year. I settled on Hamline, disliked the school, transferred out and subsequently quit baseball. I missed the game though, so this past summer I decided to coach a 15-year-old team where I grew up, and I really enjoyed it.

I gave you that background because it's imperative as a parent that you help your child improve their skills in what they are interested in. My dad spent hours at a time with my in the Backyard, not because he wanted me to play D-1 baseball, but because he knew I loved playing baseball. If your son or daughter loves it, getting them something that they can use on their own, when you're at work or not in the mood, is beyond important.

Because of that, I'm suggesting for my first product the JUGS Instant Screen. It's a net that your son or daughter can use to hit off a tee on their own, or to take soft toss from someone else. I had a net like this when I was younger, and as I got to higher levels these nets were used everyday in practice. If you're from a cold-weather state, especially Minnesota, these nets are what I call Winter-Savers. You can put this net up anywhere in an open room, or even in a Garage.

Here's the link, for your convenience. It's a bit pricey at $125, but with the durability, it should last a minimum of 5 years and that's if it is used tirelessly day after day. The JUGS Net I have at home is still in fantastic shape, and I got it over 10 years ago.



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