Tuesday, December 1, 2009

AI, Tiger, Weis

It's been a strange week or two in sports, to say the least. Allen Iverson retired, unretired, and now isn't sure what he's doing. Tiger Woods hit a fire hydrant, and a tree, but wasn't drunk. The rumors about what actually happened make far more sense than the original story, in my opinion. Charlie Weis was fired early Monday, which isn't surprising at all. Very odd time period for sports, and despite writing mostly about Minnesota sports each of these topics is deserving of some notes. For those of you who only read this for Minnesota sports stuff, or even just Twins opinions, come back on Wednesday and I promise it will be Minnesota related. I'll combine all the random sports stories into one post so you guys can skip over it no problem if you wish.

- I have no idea why the 76ers haven't signed Allen Iverson yet. He's certainly not the star he used to be, and his ego is going to force any team that signs him to instantly make him the starting SG. That said, AI is a legend in Philly, and it's not like they're going to contend for a playoff spot this season anyways as they sit at 5-12. Making Iverson the starting SG likely would improve the team slightly this season, simply because their guard play to this point has been terrible. The biggest reason AI should already be in Philly is because of the fan interest he will instantly bring with him.

Look at the Timberwolves. Imagine they're still this bad in three seasons, and KG's not attracting any interest and is hardly an impact player anymore. Wouldn't you be begging the front office to sign him? Iverson is to Philly what KG will always be to Minnesota. A legend that grew up and developed before one team's fans. AI would make the 76ers a story again, even if for only a few weeks, but they would finally get back on the national scene. They have nothing to lose, and it's ridiculous he hasn't been signed yet.

- Tiger Woods, you need to say something. The longer he remains silent, besides that weak message on his website, the more I believe the gossip rumors from TMZ.com. When I first heard Tiger hit a fire hyrdrant and tree while backing out of his driveway, but alcohol wasn't involved, something didn't seem right. There's 14 year old kids that take out their parents cars in the middle of the night and can back the car out of the driveway without hitting something, so it seemed ridiculous that a focused Tiger Woods would simply back into a fire hydrant. When it was reported that Tiger actually crashed because his wife was pulling a Johnny Drama on his car, that story made far more sense and explained why Tiger would have hit a fire hydrant.

Tiger, you're the greatest golfer in the history of the sport, and you've spent a great deal of time avoiding any off the field (course?) issues. This is a minor hiccup, and while it's embarrassing, you need to clarify what happened. You've made millions and millions of dollars because you are in the public eye, and like it or not your private life is always going to be in the public eye as well. If your wife went crazy, tell us.

Of course, if you're actually cheating on your wife, most of the public won't forgive you, and you should continue to stay silent. The longer you remain silent, the more likely it seems that you were/are indeed cheating on your wife, and she absolutely went crazy and smashed your car.

- Charlie Weis is out as coach at Notre Dame. I thought it was a strange hire at the time, but after going 19-6 with mostly Ty Willingham's recruits and then bringing in consistent top 10 recruiting classes, it looked like Notre Dame had nailed the hire. Weis' failed to develop many of his top recruits, though, and they lost a lot of close games which led to his firing. I fully expect Notre Dame to go after Urban Meyer, and with Tim Tebow graduating, I think it's at least a possibility. I know Meyer said he has no interest, but if Notre Dame offers a 75% pay increase, it's going to be pretty tough for him to say no. Brian Kelly likely will be the backup hire, but I don't think he'd be a great hire at this point either. Mark my words, if Brian Kelly is the hire at Notre Dame, he's going to spend the next 3-5 seasons struggling as well. They need to hire a big name coach to get Notre Dame back on the map.


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